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Key Features of quality shed Includes:


Free Onsite Installation

We offer free onsite installation services that eliminate the need to dismantle fences or drive heavy trucks over your lawn. Our team hand-carries all the shed materials through your gate to make the installation process as smoth as possible.

Tuff Block Footings

We will level your shed using Tuff Blocks, ensuring the base does not come into direct contact with the ground. This technique guarantees that the shed will remain intact for many years, preventing rot and insect damage.


2x4 Wall Construction

Our wall frames are constructed using only top-grade 2x4 studs, with 24-inch spacing to ensure sturdiness and longevity.


LP Smartside Wall Panels

Our shed walls are designed with LP Smartside Sheathing, which is highly resistant to water and prevents moisture damage. The walls are factory primed and come in a tan color

shingles estate gray.jpg

30 Year Architectural Shingles

Our shingles are designed with algae-resistant properties, ensuring a long-lasting and durable product that comes with a 30-year guarantee. We offer a range of five popular color options to match your preferences.

4" Roof Overhangs

Our sheds are designed with a 4" overhang and aluminum drip edge around the roofline to provide a crucial layer of protection against damp conditions.


White Maintenance Free PVC Trim

Have you ever noticed how the trim boards on old sheds tend to deteriorate first? We have found a solution to this problem by using PVC trim boards in our sheds. These boards are impervious to rot and do not require painting, making them a practical long-term solution.

Door Hardwear

Our shed includes a T-style locking handle with two sets of keys, in addition to an internal door latch with spring pins for extra safety.


Gable Vents

As a part of our standard installation, we provide two gable vents at no additional charge. These vents help to improve the airflow within your shed

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